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ReonHydor x Water & Waste November 2022

Digital Twins: The Future of Water Supply Management

Water supply management is an essential aspect of modern society, and with the emergence of new technologies, it's becoming easier to optimize and manage water networks efficiently. One such technology is digital twins, a digital representation of a physical asset, process, or system that can be used to simulate and analyze its behavior in real-time.

We at ReonHydor, a Greek engineering company, are at the forefront of utilizing digital twins for water supply management. In a recent article published in the Water & Waste Journal (Volume 153, November 2022), we presented our latest application, WaterSight, which combines SCADA data, GIS background, hydraulic modeling, AMR records, and historical failure data into a connected digital environment to provide economically efficient real-time operation strategies.

WaterSight uses Bentley Systems' Openflows Watersight software and various optimization and big data analysis tools to provide critical system performance information and potential risks. It allows operators to perform multiple "what-if" scenarios, risk scenarios, and programming to improve service levels and performance while minimizing risk.

By using digital twins, we can accurately predict and analyze the performance of water networks and assets, reducing the risk of failures and downtime. WaterSight alerts for unaddressed asset elements or abnormal network operation conditions and provides efficient analysis of the current, historical, and predicted performance for all elements, supporting the evaluation of expected benefits and consequences of operation and maintenance actions.

With digital twins, water supply companies can optimize their networks and assets, reduce energy costs, and improve environmental sustainability. We are committed to providing high-quality services and establishing trustworthy relationships with water supply companies to promote environmental sustainability and economic efficiency for both companies and consumers.

Digital twins are the future of water supply management, and we at ReonHydor are leading the way.

Check the full article in Water & Waste Journal here.


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