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Simulation of water supply networks, irrigation networks, sewerage networks consistently and responsibly.

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ReonHydor is your best solution on water supply networks.

Give us a call (+30) 2410 591587 for more information.

What we do

Legal Research and Writing


ReonHydor's fields of expertise are the management of water supply networks, the management of irrigation networks, the management of sewerage networks and the management of energy cost and the energy potential of the networks. Click here to read more about specific fields of the above network categories, in which ReonHydor works on.

Computer Office Work


ReonHydor provides support services for water supply models, irrigation models, drainage and pumping systems models, drilling and energy production devices for aqueducts. Click here to find more information about the services we provide for every category of networks.

professional developmnet training sessio


ReonHydor provides training services for specific water supply, plumbing and sewerage management software. Click here to see the list of software programs for which ReonHydor provides training services.


Who we are

ReonHydor is an SME of engineers that is active, throughout Greece and abroad, since 2007. The company’s main objective is design, modelling and management of water supply, irrigation and drainage networks, with expertise in designing  interventions  for water and energy saving.

Our philosophy is to provide high quality services and to establish a trust relationship with our customers. Our goal is to introduce new ways of managing networks so as, environmental sustainability and cost- efficiency of both companies and consumers could be achieved and also, to provide reliable and high-quality services.

The growth of our company is based on investing in digital and technological equipment, as well as, on the constant training of our company’s human resources.



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Corporate Social Responsibility

Generally, in the context of Corporate Social Responsibility, ReonHydor focuses on the environmental protection, that aims in the sustainable development, and on the social well-being, through actions that could involve:

  • supporting young scientists in local communities

  • improving the management-efficiency of the water companies, an action that would have an economical impact on the socially vulnerable consumers

  • cultural support, through specific actions and sponsorships

  • respecting the universal human rights

  • through actively participating in actions towards the environmental protection, in terms of sustainability

Our goal is to improve the working conditions for our partners, by providing an ideal working environment and by creating the extrovert conditions that are required for the employees in the 21st century.





Who we are

ReonHydor is dedicated to the study and management of integrated solutions in water, irrigation and drainage networks, specializing in studies of water and energy saving applications.

Contact us

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Where to find us

Larissa's branch
Eleftheriou Venizelou 24

Giannouli, Larissa, 41500

Tel:  (+30) 2410 591587

Volos's branch

Anthimou Gazi 171E 

Volos, 38221

Tel:  (+30) 2421 406374

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